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Recover Your Assets.

Mortgage fraud is rampant these days. An analysis of available law enforcement and industry resources indicates that the state of Florida is one of the top three states for mortgage fraud. Our services help you collect money from the mortgage fraudster for your clients. The end result is pleased clients. Whether it is a title insurance company or a bank, we aim to gather the facts that will help you gain more cases from that particular client as well as others.

We can help you identify and find straw buyers who can provide necessary information to locate hidden funds.

Whether the fraud was an intentional misstatement, misrepresentation, or omission by an applicant or other interested parties we can help.

When you hire Feegel & Associates, you will receive professionalism, reliability, honesty, thoroughness, accurate and timely reports, and consideration of your budget.

All reports are submitted in a timely manner and all are sent via e-mail and U.S. Mail with delivery confirmation.

All invoices will include a W-9 for your accounting department eliminating the need to request such a document


Our Services Include:

Asset Locates 

Hidden assets are difficult to locate. That is why they are hidden. Nevertheless, we have experience in locating hidden and unhidden assets such as banks accounts, both nationally and abroad. We use legal means to uncover assets that would not have been located otherwise. There are countless places to hid assets. From credit card accounts, to off shore bank accounts. We are proficient is locating these assets given the right information and time to search for these


Background Investigations 

We have worldwide resources through our well-established associations of other professional private investigators to assist us in finding the information you need.

We dig into the facts of the situation and uncover various aspects that are usually hidden.

We confirm or deny:

  • History as a professional builder or an accomplished house flipper
  • Financial credibility based on history
  • Straw buyers

We will provide you accurate addresses and contact information of the cellular telephone carriers, social networking companies, and e-mail accounts and their legal departments for the use of serving subpoenas for records.

Our investigation includes, but is not limited to, hidden asset, real property, licenses held, past injuries, legal filings, criminal histories, unlisted phone numbers, cell phone numbers, addresses, e-mail addresses, marital status, employment history, driving records, aliases, bankruptcies, civil judgments, eviction records, internet domain registrations, aircraft, watercraft, vehicle registrations, sex offender records, tax liens, voter registration records, warrants, verification of gun ownership and damning statements found posted on social networking sites


Witness Statements/Interviews   

We have the knowledge to secure statements from less-than-cooperative witnesses due to over 22 years of investigative experience, seven years experience adjusting claims and 30 years of forensic investigations.

Early in the process, we utilize numerous tools to identify potential witnesses, including proprietary databases and extensive networks of industry sources. Additionally, we can find contact information, such as an addresses or phone number for a witness—even if they are hiding.

We interview spouses, associates, friends, relatives, business affiliates, employers and neighbors to help us develop a comprehensive dossier that will illustrate the means and life style before and after a loan was approved.

We clearly capture the witness statement in a thorough method, covering the facts as the witness observed or heard them. We do not speculate but gather the facts you need.  Statements can be obtained in a written format or a recorded format, either by video recording or audio recording.

We are careful to adhere to state and federal laws when meeting witnesses in person—especially if we must doorstep (showing up at a potential witness’ home, place of work, or a scheduled event unannounced to see if the witness will speak with  us). We will gladly approach even a street person or a prostituted to secure their accounting of the facts.

We adhere to state and federal laws when cold-calling witnesses or interviewing witnesses expecting our call. For example, there are strict laws regarding when a call can be recorded. Is the witness residing in a one or two party state. 

We are careful with our interview notes and understand they are likely discoverable.

Finally and most importantly, we know that a witness must be treated well. If the witness is unable to trust us or feels taken advantage of, they are likely to disappear, flip or become uncooperative


Witness Locates

Often, witnesses will not want to be located, much less approached and questioned. We have the ability to not only locate hard-to-find witnesses, but also are experienced at tracking by canvassing an area to find the key witness that your case needs to win


Skip Tracing

Skip tracing is an art all by itself. When people do not want to be found, they will be resourceful in maintaining a hidden location or name change to avoid detection. We have the experience and ability to track down a skip when other agencies give up the search. Our tenacity proves our dedication to securing the location of your missing person


Special Process Serving on Difficult Cases

Although not process servers, we are often called in to perfect service on a witness, defendant or officer of a corporation because we always get the job done. Even at 4:00 a.m., we will get the person served and return to you the original documents along with a signed and notarized affidavit reflecting such.

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