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Case Study #1

A plaintiff attorney hired Feegel to investigate a doctor who was accused of fondling a patient in his office during a facial peel procedure. Feegel learned of four other patients who were also groped by this doctor and all other victims were embarrassed to speak about the incidents. Feegel provided the reassurance that calmed them down to where they eventually filed criminal charges. Result: The doctor was convicted and lost his medical license. Further, the victims all went to the plaintiff attorney, who filed a civil action against the doctor. Although the insurance company denied the claims based on deliberate acts, the end result was that the wife of the doctor paid $50,000 to each claimant and is still unhappily married to the doctor.


Case Study #2

Feegel was retained to investigate a motorcycle accident for a plaintiff attorney. The plaintiff was in a coma, so he was no help in describing what caused this accident. The accident report listed only one vehicle: the motorcycle. Feegel went to the accident scene and found no evidence of skid marks, broken auto lenses etc. As this was a rural area, Feegel decided to interview all witnesses within the area. No one had observed or heard the accident. Feegel determined that this case must involve some livestock, or the plaintiff simply crashed by losing control of his motorcycle. Having the knowledge from observing his father, a chief medical examiner in Tampa, Feegel returned to the scene three days later sniffing for clues. Jackpot! Feegel located a dead cow off in the ditch, which had already started to decompose. Armed with his camera and a sharp knife, Feegel documented the tags on the cow’s ear, and then cut the ear off for preservation. The head of the cow was badly damaged by blunt force trauma from the motorcycle and this too was documented with photography. The cow’s brand was also documented with photography. With the above information, a local feed store was approached and the sales person recognized the brand and tags as belonging to a local rancher who resided one mile from the accident scene. Now they had a defendant and a claim was filed. Result: A settlement of $500,000 in damages, which were the policy limits.


Case Study #3

Feegel was retained to investigate a case where a 16-year-old child had died in an auto accident after he purchased beer from a local convenience store. The boy who had died was driving on a dirt road when the vehicle flipped, thereby killing the driver. The passenger in the vehicle was injured and was the key witness of this case. The father of the injured boy would not let anyone talk to his “youngin.” However, Feegel approached the family and after a very long conversation, the boy was allowed to talk about where the beer came from. This witness was originally reluctant, thinking he was somehow in trouble. After convincing him he was not, he described the store where the beer came from. Feegel secured the information relevant to his insurance and a claim was filed. Result: Policy limits were paid to the deceased’s family and the injured boy’s family received $300,000.

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