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Case Study #1

A claimant made a demand of $250,000 for injuries sustained to his neck, claiming he could no longer work. Feegel located the claimant, and through diligent efforts, learned that the claimant not only sold guitars but also played in a heavy metal rock band. Feegel obtained valuable information that the band was performing at a local establishment. Feegel gained access into the establishment and openly videotaped the claimant playing lead guitar. The claimant was filmed as he was performing. This provided documentation of him shaking his head in an up and down fashion at a very rapid and violent manner. The result of this case was no money paid to claimant. This case was dropped by the claimant’s attorney after receiving the video and made the statement, “I even hate my client.”


Case Study #2

A claimant involved in a slip and fall accident at a well known grocery store filed a personal injury claim. The insurance carrier assigned this case to Feegel who placed the claimant under surveillance. The chief complaint was a lower back injury and his attorney was demanding $750,000. After a few days of surveillance, the claimant was observed and recorded on video at work painting a gas station. Result: The case was settled for medical bills, which only cost the insurance, company $1,500. Later the claimant’s attorney approached Feegel and asked, “Do you know how much money you cost me over the years?” We had a pretty good idea what that amount was. “Millions.”


Case Study #3

An individual involved in a staged auto accident was placed under surveillance and was captured playing tackle football and nightly playing softball. His case was also looked into regarding his pain medication consumption. After a diligent investigation conducted by Feegel, the claimant was also caught on video selling his pain medications on 11 occasions. Result: This file was not only denied and closed, the claimant was turned into the authorities and was prosecuted for insurance fraud.


Case Study #4

A claimant was involved in an accident where he fell off a restaurant’s deck. He demanded $400,000 through his attorney. After Feegel was assigned to this case, a complete investigation revealed that the claimant was building a boat trailer, lifting large rocks and climbing on and off of various large boats. The rocks that the claimant was videotaped carrying weighed 174 pounds, 116 pounds and 93 pounds. These rocks were recovered and weighed at a local building material store using a certified scale. These rocks were then brought into a deposition where they were identified and presented to the claimant and his attorney. Result: At that moment, the insurance company offered him $1,000 to settle the case, which he reluctantly accepted.


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